Public Sector

We have, throughout the firms’ history, worked within the public sector delivering successful projects and programmes for the various facets that make up the Public Sector.

Throughout the decades we have assisted with the many challenges faced by every area of the Public Sector whether it has been re-organisation, amalgamation, new initiatives, changing legal requirements or budgetary constraints. During this time we have met these challenges and focused on the core delivery of best value through innovative thinking to our clients both in the UK and overseas.

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The knowledge and experience of our team has meant that we have been well equipped to apply innovative thinking to meet the ever evolving requirement to deliver more for less, and to deliver ultimate best value within the constraints required by our Public Sector partners.

Our wide portfolio of Public Sector projects and services, from traditionally procured local authority revenue budget projects, through to one off overseas capital spend projects has continually provided best value solutions to our clients.

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Wealth of Experience

We have a wealth of experience in the field of public procurement regulations and the ever increasing need to spend more time at the inception and feasibility stages of projects to support the business case for utilising under pressure budgets on construction projects or services.

We remain passionate about assisting our partners in facing the challenges that lie ahead and to utilise our experience and knowledge in delivering any efficiency savings required leading to ultimate best value.

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