Education Sector

Within our team we have the breadth of experience that covers the full education sector: from early years through life long learning facilities, we have the capability to provide our services at all levels for both public and private stakeholders.

We fully understand that pre-school, primary school, higher education and further education establishments have different needs, requirements and cost drivers. We have a broad experience and knowledge of each of these areas and environments. Our team has been part of innovative solutions to meet a variety of learning objectives.

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Blue Sky Thinking

In particular we have been involved in a number of recent phased refurbishment/extensions to existing schools that have required “blue sky” thinking and innovative programming to achieve desired outcomes, while ensuring the continued efficient operation of the school.

Through our knowledge and experience in this sector and the innovative solutions we have encountered in other sectors, our clients and their design teams benefit from a reduced learning curve that allow them to consider new education delivery solutions.

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Community Centred

We understand the various challenges, which are faced by the education sector to deliver higher teaching standards and new teaching methods within historical and often under maintained building assets. We understand the value and risk drivers that require to be managed across a broad spectrum of funding and procurement mechanisms and the need for assets to no longer be purely educational facilities but often the hub of entire communities and can deliver the service required to deliver capital and through life best value to a project.

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