Housing Sector

Through our wealth of experience delivering new build social and commercial housing, together with housing repair and refurbishment programmes and stock transfers, we have developed a suite of services that support the delivery of all types of residential projects and developments, from small scale rural projects to large scale urban regeneration projects.

In particular we have gained an in depth knowledge of the social/affordable housing sector, working with a range of local authorities, housing associations and other RSL’s. Our understanding of the many complex issues that can arise and the successful solutions that can be implemented has resulted in longstanding relationships being developed from repeat business.

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More Than Bricks & Mortar

We fully appreciate and understand that housing projects are more than bricks and mortar, they are homes and communities that need to meet the needs of the people and families who live within them. We therefore focus on delivering to our clients and their end users the best housing both aesthetically, functionally and cost in use.

Our understanding of the key cost drivers such as floor plate economies, design ratios, material specification, structural requirements, services solutions and ground conditions help ensure that capital spend delivers best value. We are also well aware that capital spend is only one element of the equation and that the through life cost requires to be factored, together with ensuring that the homes are energy efficient for those who live within them to deliver ultimate best value for all stakeholders.

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Providing Solutions

Our reputation in the social housing sector has been achieved by listening to our clients needs, understanding their challenges and providing solutions to meet their housing requirements. All our various individual services within our quantity surveying, project management and construction consultant arms are utilised to bring the housing sector the expertise, innovation, experience and passion required to deliver outstanding projects.

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