CDM Consultancy/Principal Designer

At TCS we understand the complicated nature of the design and construction process and offer an holistic approach to the role of the Principal Designer / CDM Advisor and the reduction of health and safety risk from inception of the project, through the construction process, occupation of the building and then finally demolition.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) apply to all construction works no matter how small, however additional duties and requirements are applicable if the project is notifiable (i.e. the works are anticipated to last more than 30 working days or involve more than 500 person days).

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Depth and Strength

Construction Clients have significant obligations under the terms of the CDM Regulations and our knowledgeable Principal Designers / CDM Advisors will ensure that our Clients are in full compliance and that all health and safety aspects and risks, for the full life cycle of the building, have been considered.

Through the depth and strength of our experience and expertise we have developed the skills required to ensure compliance with the CDM Regulations. Our committed and knowledgeable Principal Designers / CDM Advisors have the ability to deliver the full service requirement and add value at all stages of the project lifecycle.

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CDM Consultancy Services include:

  • advise and assist the client with their duties
  • notifying the Health & Safety Executive of the project details
  • co-ordinate health and safety aspects of design work and co-operate with others involved in the project to eliminate potential hazards
  • advising and assisting with regard to management arrangements for health and safety
  • facilitate good communication between the client, designers and contractors
  • in consultation with our Clients, identify, collect and compile Pre-construction Information for provision to designers and contractors
  • liaise with the principal contractor regarding ongoing design work
  • ensuring compilation and delivery of the Health & Safety File to the client upon completion.
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