Defence Sector

We have over 30 years experience working in the defence sector both in the UK and overseas, having provided services on defence projects throughout the UK and in overseas defence establishments in the Falkland Islands, Ascension Island, Belize etc.

Previous projects have included providing services covering establishments for defence housing, various facilities management packages, new works delivery contracts such as ISP’s and Prime Contracts and various services for individual large scale capital works projects.

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Wide-ranging Experience

Our wide-ranging experience of contracts and projects in the defence sector has given us the knowledge and experience of the many distinct challenges and solutions involved in the delivery of successful projects in the defence sector. These challenges and requirements come in many forms, from design requirements to meet security needs to operating restrictions within establishments that affect the programming and construction methods employed.

With the introduction of the Prime Contract form of procurement and its utilisation of target costing and incentivisation models we have gained a wide ranging experience in undertaking Monte Carlo simulations for three point estimates and the production of priced risk registers, together with building incentivised commercial models for individual Clients.

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Successful Delivery

Our experience within the defence sector has been both directly with Government and Commercial clients, giving us a complete understanding of the challenges and requirements of each of the parties in delivering best value projects. We understand the multi-stakeholder environs which exist in the delivery of defence projects together with the establishment / construction / operational risks which require to be managed to ensure successful delivery of assets and services.

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